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CLASSIC ICE RODS Model No. NameDescription Rod length Action T70000 Mstarsp 30cm Medium Heavy T70001 MstarspMormyska 34cmadjustableMormyskatip Variable T70002 Mstarsp Balans 34cm Medium MSTARSP Rapala Mstarsp Ice Rods are classic Scandinavian design where the aim has been to create light and sensi- tive rods with smooth drag for competition use and other active ice shing. The reels feature an adjustable center pin drag. The drag force can be ne-tuned by turning the rod as the exible handle will either add drag pressure or loosen it depending on which way the rod is turned. Soft Foam grip. TraditionalScandinaviandesign Availableinfourhandleoptions CorkEVASoftGripDuo-colorSoft GripHardtexturedplastichandle Interchangeabletipoptions StiffberglassSensitivenylonsingletip Sensetivenylondoubleindicatortip Manufacturedusingrecycledmaterials R90PHDT RapalaClassicIceRod90 plastichandlenylondoupletip R90PHGT RapalaClassicIceRod90 plastichandle190mmfibreglasstip R90PHGT230 RapalaClassicIceRod90 plastichandle230mmfibreglass tip R90PHGT350 RapalaClassicIceRod90 plastichandle350mmfibreglasstip R902-CGT190 RapalaClassicIceRod90 SoftGriphandle190mmfibreglasstip R902-CGT350 RapalaClassicIceRod90 SoftGriphandle350mmfibreglasstip R90CHGT230 RapalaClassicIceRod90 corkhandle230mmfibreglasstip R90EVAGT230 RapalaClassicIceRod90 EVAhandle230mmfibreglasstip ItemCode ItemName ItemDescription BumerangGL RapalaBumerang plastichandle 230mmfibreglasstip BumerangSPECIAL RapalaBumerang plastichandlestiffnylondoubletip TEHO2 RapalaBumerang plastichandlesinglenylontipwithtwitchtriggerdepthcounter TEHO3 RapalaBumerang plastichandlehardnylondouble tipdepthcounter ItemCode ItemName ItemDescription Rapala502-CSet RapalaClassicIceRodCombo R502-CGTicejig50mmSufixline0.20mm25m Rapala702-CSet RapalaClassicIceRodCombo R702-CGTicejig50mmSufixline0.20mm25m Rapala702-CKallaSet RapalaClassicIceRodCombo R702-CGTKalla9Sufixline0.20mm25m COMBOS RODREEL SUFIX LINE ICE JIG RODS BASIC RODREEL ItemCode ItemName ItemDescription R50PHDT RapalaClassicIceRod50 plastichandlenylondoubletip R50PHGT RapalaClassicIceRod50 plastichandle190mmfibreglasstip R50PHPT RapalaClassicIceRod50 plastichandlenylonsingletip R502-CGT RapalaClassicIceRod50 SoftGriphandle190mmfibreglass tip R502-CDT RapalaClassicIceRod50 SoftGriphandlenylondoubletip R50CHGT RapalaClassicIceRod50 corkhandle190mmfibreglasstip R50EVAGT RapalaClassicIceRod50 EVAhandle190mmfibreglasstip R70PHPT RapalaClassicIceRod70 plastichandlenylonsingletip R70PHGT RapalaClassicIceRod70 plastichandle190mmfibreglasstip R70PHDT RapalaClassicIceRod70 plastichandlenylondoubletip R702-CGT RapalaClassicIceRod70 SoftGriphandle190mmfibreglass tip R702-CDT RapalaClassicIceRod70 SoftGriphandlenylondoubletip R70CHGT RapalaClassicIceRod70 corkhandle190mmfibreglasstip R70EVAGT RapalaClassicIceRod70 EVAhandle190mmfibreglasstip MadeinFinland Threespoolsizes -50mmdiadirectdrive - 70mmdiadirectdrive -90mmdiadirectdrivemultipliermodels T7000 Mstarsp T7001 Mstarsp Mormyska T7002 Mstarsp Balans 20