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CHROME New Super Mora Chrome coated hand drill. Max ice thickness 162 cm. Custom coated spiral with MC Mora Chrome nish is water repellent to prevent water from freezing and forming ice build-up. The coating also gives innite corrosion protection both on the spiral and the shaft and also on the inside of the shaft. Black powder painted crank features soft contoured easy turn handles that provide maximum comfort and grip and act as thermal protectors between the hand and the crank. The drill can be used with a cordless power drill 18 mm adapter required. Steel crown with replaceable Mora Expert blades. Hydrophobic water repellant is slick and will not gather ice strong against hits and scratches 100 rust free. ICE-MM0044 Mora Ice Chrome 110mm4 ICE-MM0042 Mora Ice Chrome 130mm5 ICE-MM0043 Mora Ice Chrome 150mm6 ARCTIC PRO Cuts fast through thick ice. Max ice thickness short 120 cm long 162cm. This drill is foldable has a comfort grip a built in 0-39cm extension and a low weight. An 46cm additional extension is available as accessories and tted on the Mora Ice Arctic Pro it will cut through 206cm ice. The drill can be used with cordless power drills 18mm adapter required. Easy to change advanced razor sharp spare blades made of Swedish stainless steel. 20407 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Short 110mm4 20408 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Short 130mm5 20409 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Short 150mm6 20410 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Short 200mm8 20521 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Long 110mm4 20522 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Long 130mm5 20523 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Long 150mm6 HAND DRILLS Mora Ice hand drills are Finnish quality products with high performance blades made by Mora of Sweden. They have a long life endurance and cut fast and easy through any ice. 4