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ARCTIC PRO CORDLESS Universal model to be used with cordless power drills. Max ice thickness 100 cm Mora Ice Arctic Pro Long with power drill adaptor Steel crown with changeable Mora Expert blades 2-3970 Mora Ice Arctic Pro Cordless 150 mm6 EASY CORDLESS Mora Ice Easy model customized for cordless power drill. Max ice thickness 100 cm Longer spiral 76 cm on 125 mm and 150 mm models Flat blades for soft cutting Steel crown with changeable Mora Ice Easy blades Cordless drill adapter included ICE-MM0078 Mora Ice Easy Cordless 125 mm5 ICE-MM0079 Mora Ice Easy Cordless 150 mm6 ICE-MM0080 Mora Ice Easy Cordless 175 mm7 EXPERT-PRO Universal classic model a traditional bestseller. Max ice thickness 135cm. The easy to change Swedish stainless steel spare blades and a comfort grip make drilling simple. This drill is extendable foldable and has a low weight which makes it easy to transport. A 320mm built-in extender. Can be used with cordless power drills 18mm adapter requires 21170 Mora Ice Expert-Pro 110mm4 21171 Mora Ice Expert-Pro 130mm5 21172 Mora Ice Expert-Pro 150mm6 21173 Mora Ice Expert-Pro 200mm8 EASY Basic model. Max ice thickness 90cm. Our economy and family hand drill No 1 selling ice drill world wide. This non-folding allround drill is suitable for all kinds of ice blue ice double ice or soft and porous spring ice. Low torque is needed which makes the drill easy to turn and ideal for the entire family. The razor-sharp spare blades made of Swedish stainless steel are easy to change. Mora Ice Easy has a comfort grip is extendable and has a low weight. Can be used with cordless power drills 18mm adapter requires. Comes in a easy to carry see-through plastic bag. 20441 Mora Ice Easy 125mm5. Built in Extension 20443 Mora Ice Easy 150mm6. Built in Extension 20442 Mora Ice Easy 175mm7. Built in Extension 20517 Mora Ice Easy 200mm8. Built in Extension NEW 5