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2 The new era of crankbaits. Created with one thing in mind everything anyone could ever want from a crank bait in one package. The result ultra-modern crankbaits for hardcore fishermen. Built with Storms proprietary patent pending Self-Tuning Line Tie and a circuit board lip for ultimate out-of-the- box action that never goes out of tune. Custom finishes that are straight from fishermens wet day dreams. The concept now boasts lures from top to bottom with the addition of the NEW Rattling Top Walker down to the Rattling Deep 25 depth extension. Lures so effective that our Japanese lure designers decided to name them after a traditional Japanese commercial fishermens song So-Run. These lures are setting a new standard on how hard baits are made. As a true testament to our designers heritage and knowledge of the most advanced lure technology these lures are perfectly balanced for ultimate casting performance and action. All models feature a combination of most advanced finishing techniques. Gomoku Concept offers special lures to cover all ultra-light fishing techniques to catch all species. Modern technique specific micro baits are ideal for catching pressured and wary fish. Though small in size these baits are not only for finesse fishing the Gomoku Popper spits like a hippo and the Gomoku Spin is flashier than Elton Johns sunglasses. Hard bodied actions in a soft plastic lure - thats what SX- Soft is all about. We challange ourselves to test the limits of plastic engineering at Storm by designing products to work in ways that you would never expect them to. The SX-Soft Serpentino walks side-to- side effortlessly across the surface with a constant retrieve. STORM SX-SOFT NEW Tactical series covers the basic elements every fisherman should have in his tackle box to cover all fishing situations from top water popping to open water deep trolling. These are the baits and actions even tournament anglers fall back to when in doubt - and the trusted partners that less experi- enced fishermen can count on. Big predator soft baits with advanced designs incorporating Storms famous internal buoyancyrattle chamber.