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13 Model No. Length inchesmm EXB5 5 130mm EXB7 7.5 190mm EXB10 10 250mm EXCITER BIRD Splashing and fluttering on the surface will add activity to your spread. Exciter Bird can be fished in a number of ways. - Use as a lead on a daisy chain teaser. - Connect the Exciter Bird in front of your favorite lure as an added attractor or to keep the high rigger lures tracking straight in windy conditions. - Make an Exciter Bird daisy chain. FO-Fluo Orange P-Pink RW-RedWhite DINGO METAL JET The Dingo Metal Jet is built with a concave reverse- tapered head design with through holes to give maximum action.The CNC machined brass head is chrome plated to add flash to the presentation.High quality skirt features bright colors and Flashabou for added sparkle.Rigged with 40 lb Sufix mono and aVMC Perma Steel hook. Model No. Lengthmminches DMJR03 3 75 mm 631 631 712 712 635 635 717 717 711 711 991 991 995 995 SPEED METAL JET Designed with a torpedo-shapedCNC machined head to track true at fast trolling speedsthe Speed Metal Jet sports a high quality skirt with bright colors and Flashabou for added sparkle.Chrome plating on the head gives additional flash to the presentation.Rigged with 40 lb Sufix mono and aVMC Perma Steel hook. Model No. Lengthmminches SMJR03 3 75 mm Traditional Japanese design for trolling slow to medium speeds up to 5 knots.The Ryoshi board takes the lure down and gives it additional swimming action with its own wiggling and searching action.When a fish hits the lurethe tension on the line will flip the board over and it will rise to the surfaceallowing the fish to be played with direct contact. Available in two sizes. Model No. Size cminches WRB5 5 12 cm WRB6 6 15 cm WRB7 7 18 cm WRB8 8 21 cm WRB9 9 24 cm WRB10 10 27 cm RYOSHI BOARD NEW SIZES NEW NEW NEW NEW