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15 US Patent 7240454 Model No. Per Pack Length inchesmm LRFR18 2 18 457mm Model No. Length inchesmm LMKR07 7 178mm LIVE MACKEREL A favorite bait of big predators like marlin sailfish tuna and wahoo the Williamson Live Mackerel exactly imitates the swimming action of the real thing.The patented Hook Lock System provides perfect hook presentation and maximum strike efficiency. Multiple rigging ports for easy and varied rigging. Swims out of the package at 6 knots no tuning needed. Excellent if mixed with a spread that uses a Rapala CountDown Magnum or an X-Rap Magnum . Can also be trolled on a flat line under your favorite spread of Williamson surface lures and teasers. - Pre-rigged LMKR07 6ft130lb 1.8m58kg Premium Suifx Leader - VMC 80 hook - Maximum Running Speed LMKR07 6 knots - Hook Lock System LIVE RIBBONFISH The Live Ribbonfish has a snake-like swimming action at 6 knots and will catch all saltwater predator species. Enticing to king mackerel amberjack barracuda and yellowtail. - Pre-rigged 7x7 stainless steel cable - VMC 4x strong treble hooks - Maximum running speed 6 knots BL-Blue G-Green Live Mackerel Live Ribbonfish BL-Blue NAT-Natural