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11 Oversized intake holes capture maximum amount of water for incredible skirt flare and commotion. BD-Bleeding Dorado BLKPRPL-Black Purple BLPS-Blue Pink Silver BO-Bonito HW-Halloween LU-Lumo PW-Pink White Model No. Length inchesmm WCR6 6 150mm Model No. Length inchesmm DCR4 4.4 111mm DCR6 6 150mm DORADO CATCHER RIGGED This flat-faced pusher style lure features a large cavity in the rear of the head specially designed to take a ballyhoo rigging spring. This allows you to get the bait in close to the head and skirt of the luregiving the bait better protection at desired higher trolling speeds.A great dolphin and sailfish lure. - Pre-rigged SCR4 5ft60lb 1.5m27kg Premium Suifx Leader - VMC 40 hook - Pre-rigged SCR5 5ft130lb 1.5m58kg Premium Suifx Leader - VMC 80 hook WAHOO CATCHER RIGGED Jets are always a must in any spreadand they trigger ferocious strikes from all species of game fish. - Pre-rigged 5ft90lb 1.5m40kg nylon coated wire - VMC 80 hook BLPS-Blue Pink Silver BO-Bonito HW-Halloween BD-Bleeding Dorado BLKPRPL-Black Purple Dorado Catcher Rigged Wahoo Catcher Rigged PW-Pink White