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4 Model No. Running Depth ftm Length inchesmm Weight ozg SSP130 Variable 5.25 130mm 2 oz. 57g SUBSURFACE PRO Heavily weighted with a fast sink rate gets the Subsurface Pro deep into the school when theyre feeding fast.This sinking stick bait casts long and accurately to pelagic surface subsurface feeding fish. It flutters on the fall with lots of flash and twitches wildly from side-to-side with a jerking retrieve. - Wide tail kicking action with twitching retrieve - Tight wobbling action when retrieved at high speed - Casts very accurately even in windy conditions - Ideal choice when wanting to quickly cover an area - Fluttering action as it sinks to the depths enticing fish at all times - Rigged for big fish with heavy-duty through wire stainless construction - Solid injection moulded body fitted with VMC 7266 Ti In-line single hooks BPRP-Bruised PurpleAyu-Ayu CHF-Chartreuse Head FlashBSR-Bue Sardine BKP-Black Purple Phantom D-Dorado HOBK-Holographic Black GM-Green Mackerel PM-Pink Mackerel RHF-Red head Flash