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6 Model No. Running Depth ftm Length inchesmm Weight ozg SFP130 Surface 5.25 130mm 1.5 oz. 45g SFP150 Surface 6 150mm 2.5 oz. 71g SFP180 Surface 7 180mm 3.5 oz. 100g BSR-Blue Sardine AYU-Ayu GM-Green Mackerel HOBK-Holographic Black PM-Pink Mackerel RHF-Red Head Flash D-Dorado CHF-Chartreuse Head Flash BKP-Black Purple Phantom BPRP-Bruised Purple SURFACE PRO Technically engineered and designed by our Japanese lure designers to be weighted correctly to optimize maximum casting distance and stability.These lures can be fished many ways walk the dog fast slash and stall slow slash and stall or fast rod tip down retrieve anyway these lures are going to catch fish. Saltwater spinning and surface lures are fast becoming the hottest method of fishing for pelagic species and the Surface Pro is designed to do exactly that catch big pelagic fish like tuna amberjack yellowtail kingfish and GTs. - High tech internal weight system to maximize casting distance and stability - Walk the dog slow or fast slash and stall and fast retrieve - Extremely versatile top water lure for all game fish species - Rugged through body one piece stainless plate rigging system - Rigged with the new VMC 7266 TI in-line single hooks