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9 BIG GAME CATCHER This heavy-duty 8 trolling bait features a concave pusher head face that works in an erratic swimming action to elicit savage strikes. Whether you rig it with ballyhoo strip bait or naked this is an all-around lure good for billfish and large gamefish species anywhere in the world. - Head features holographic 3D eye with embedded holographic foil - Durable synthetic and holographic foil skirt - Pre-rigged 5ft175lb 1.5m79kg Premium Suifx Leader - VMC 90 hook - Troll up to 7 knots BD-Bleeding Dorado BLKPRPL-Black Purple BLPS-Blue Pink Silver BO-Bonito LU-Lumo PW-Pink White RBLK-Red Black Model No. Length inchesmm TCF04 4 102mm Model No. Length inchesmm BGC8 8.25 210mm PBLGL-Pink Blue Glow WGL-White Glow PWGL-Pink White Glow TUNA CATCHER FLASH Another great addition to our Catcher family of light trolling lures the Tuna Catcher Flash features an acrylic bullet head that holds its troll up to 9 knots.An added tinsel vinyl combo skirt sparkles and swims through the water attracting all species of gamefish. - Pre-rigged 4ft60lb 1.2m27kg Premium Suifx Leader - 40 VMC Perma Steel hook - Troll up to 9 knots GCHGL-Green Chartreuse Glow Big Game Catcher Tuna Catcher Flash BLGL-Blue Glow