14 Model No. Description LSQSNT Live Squid Model No. Per Pack Length (inches/mm) LSQR9 1 Rigged / 2 Un-rigged 9" / 228mm LIVE SQUID The Live Squid can be fished on spreader bars or used as a teaser. The life-like swimming action catches all saltwater predator species. Perfect for big striper, wahoo, tuna, bonito, dorado, sailfish and marlin. - Pre-rigged: 6ft/200lb (1.8m/90kg) Premium Suifx® Leader - VMC® 8/0 hook - Maximum running speed: 9 knots - Hook Lock System LIVE SQUID SPREADER BAR 15 Pro-rigged baits with a 2/0 crane swivel and snap on 300 lb. Sufix® mono leader.Total length is 8 feet/2.3 meters.The last bait has a snap swivel that allows the angler to connect fishing line to the spreader with an elastic band.The lure or bait with a hook looks like it is chasing the school on the surface.The elastic band breaks during the strike so the spreader bar can easily be removed from the water. Made with Williamson Live Squid baits, these are the best spreader bars available. - Maximum running speed: 8 knots DAISY CHAIN Live Squid NAT-Natural Daisy Chain