21 TUNA CATCHER KIT Four of the bestTuna Catcher™ Rigged baits provides anglers with the best lures for tuna.High speed performance holds true up to 9 knots.Pre- rigged with 8/0VMC hook and 5 feet of 130 lb.monofilament. Kit includes Dorado,Halloween,Pink Blue Silver and Black Purple.Four topTuna Catcher patterns pre-rigged.Easy-to-clean mesh storage bag. Model No. TCK4 SPEED JIG KITS One kit for each fishing situation.Fishing shallow or slow current? Use the Light Speed Jig kit (LSJK4) featuring 2 Abyss Jigs (60 & 150 g) and 2 Benthos Jigs (100 & 200 g).All the speed jigs are pre-rigged with a singleVMC® assist hook. Model No. LSJK4 MASTER KIT A great starter pack or a one-off weekender kit. 4 all-round lures that will do well for dorado,tuna,bonito,etc. Model No. MK4 SAILFISH KIT This is one of the best kits that you’ll ever own for sailfish.Rigged with bait springs,these lures are ready to be fished with either ballyhoo or strip baits. The lure heads are specifically designed to accommodate the bait spring in the rear of the head,thus offering the bait maximum protection when trolling.Kit includes:six Sailfish Catchers,two Exciter Birds & two Softie Birds. Model No. SFK10 GAME FISH KIT Six great all-around lures,professionally rigged and presented in a saltwater resistant bag,a kit that will meet all needs for game fishing especially dorado,tuna,sailfish,etc. Model No. GFK6