13 Live Ballyhoo Combo Model No. Length (inches/mm) BHCR10 10.5" / 266mm NTB-Natural Ballyhoo LU-BLK-Lumo/Black HP-BL-Hot Pink/Blue HW-BL-Halloween/Blue EV-BLK-Evil/Black BO-BL-Bonito/Blue BLKPRPL-BLK- Black Purple/Black LIVE BALLYHOO COMBO This classic setup comes pre-rigged and ready to add extra commotion to your spread. The scoop head Sailfish Catcher adds the attraction of smoke and bubble trail to the Live Ballyhoo, an irresistible combination for dorado, tuna, yellowfin, sailfish and smaller billfish. - Pre-rigged: 6ft/130lb (1.8m/58kg) Premium Suifx® Leader - VMC® 9/0 hook - Maximum running speed: 9 knots