14 Model No. Per Pack Length (inches/mm) LSQR9 1 Rigged / 2 Un-rigged 9" / 228mm LIVE SQUID The Live Squid can be fished on spreader bars or used as a teaser. The life-like swimming action catches all saltwater predator species. Perfect for big striper, wahoo, tuna, bonito, dorado, sailfish and marlin. - Pre-rigged: 6ft/200lb (1.8m/90kg) Premium Suifx® Leader - VMC® 8/0 hook - Maximum running speed: 9 knots - Hook Lock System Live Squid NAT-Natural Traditional Japanese design for trolling slow to medium speeds up to 5 knots.The Ryoshi board takes the lure down and gives it additional swimming action with its own wiggling and searching action.When a fish hits the lure,the tension on the line will flip the board over and it will rise to the surface,allowing the fish to be played with direct contact. Model No.       Size (cm/inches) WRB5                 5” / 12 cm WRB6                 6” / 15 cm WRB7                 7” / 18 cm WRB8                8” / 21 cm WRB9                 9” / 24 cm WRB10                 10” / 27 cm RYOSHI BOARD