16 Model No. Length (mm/inches) Weight (g/oz) WTHJ28 3-3/4" / 95 mm 1 oz / 28 g WTHJ40 4-1/4" / 110 mm 1-1/2 oz / 40 g WTHJ60 5" / 125 mm 2-1/8 oz / 60 g THUNDER JIG The Thunder Jig has an asymmetric design that produces an static slash action with a medium or fast retrieve.This is a great all-round jig that will work in all conditions; with a great shape that is a baitfish silhouette simulation.The Thunder Jig is a tuna slayer but will be an excellent jig to catch other pelagic species as well like. BLKPRPL-Black Purple PRL-Pearl BSRD-Blue Sardine GFR-Gold Fluo Orange HP-Hot Pink OG-Olive Green - Durable premium flas foil - Extra strong VMC® Perma Steel® treble hook GM-Green Mackerel CHGL-Chartreuse GLOW Model No. Length (mm/inches) Weight (g/oz) VSJ100 4-3/4" / 120 mm 3-1/2 oz / 100 g VSJ150 5-3/4" / 145 mm 5 oz / 150 g VSJ200 6-1/4" / 160 mm 7 oz / 200 g VORTEX SPEED JIG The Williamson Vortex Speed Jig is one of the most innovative, versatile jigs on the market today.The hydrodynamic design with opposing convex & concave sides allows the jig to rotate effortlessly on the fall.The rotation combined with the two-sided color pattern creates maximum flash that drives fish crazy. Each jig is pre-rigged with a stainless steel ball-bearing swivel and a single VMC ® Assist hook. GM-Green Mackerel HPGL-Hot Pink GLOW SRD-Sardine BLK-Black Silver BLKPRPL-Black/Purple BM-Blue Mackerel BNK-Bunker