3 AME TREMOR Model No. Running Depth (ft/m) Length (inches/mm) Weight (oz/g) WSGT16 3’ / 1m 6.5” / 165mm 6oz / 175g SOFT GAME TREMOR Perfectly imitating a soft baitfish, it swims with a subtle presence, drawing in weary predators with flash and motion rather than with the overpowering sound of a hard vibration lure. Soft to touch, but hard to break, this lure is made for multiple catches of big game predators. - Soft PVC construction - Tight rolling action at all speeds - Trolls up to 9 knots in a mixed lure spread - Presents a “real feel” soft baitfish lure - Silent through the water, but with big flash and movement - Rigged for big fish with heavy-duty through wire stainless construction - Fitted with VMC 7266 Ti In-line single hooks SOFT BODY